"As a concierge of luxury homes. I work with owners and vacation rental clients. Ecosense has found the right balance between the guest experience and the owner's pocketbook, not to mention it helps the environment. The product works as advertised and the company Ecosense Costa Rica are true professionals."
"We tried other systems and nothing is comparable. The Ecosense system is perfect for vacation rentals. It is self-managing unlike other "smart home systems". The companies theme of service shows in their actions."
"Great company, great service, and great product. I manage, rent and own luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica. We are installing and recommend Ecosense in all our homes."
"Became a believer. I was not sure the product would work then after we tested it we saw the results in our electric bill and happy clients while helping the environment. "
"Vacationers in my home always left the Air Conditioners on then left the home empty. No brainer, people leave the room or leave the doors open the air conditioner then powers down. Which has saved us money, and maintenance costs."