Ecosense 4000

Ecosense 4000

Ecosense 4000
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 80%
  • Universally compatible with all A/C units
  • Mains powered (110-230 V)
  • Built in comfort night sensor
  • Tamper proof infra red connectivity
  • Tamper proof lockable key pad


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Ecosense 4000 is universally compatible with any A/C that can be operated by remote controller. Unlike the 2000 version, Ecosense 4000 is mains powered. This model can be fitted directly adjacent to your A/C unit therefore no wall channelling is required as the connecting cable passed directly through the side of Ecosense and into the AC head unit. Ecosense uses Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology to scan the room for occupancy. PIR is designed to detect the movement of  heat and will not therefore be affected by items such as ceiling fans, curtains etc. When no movement has been detected it will send a signal to the A/C unit to switch it off. There is a red LED light that flashes to indicate detection of movement. The 4000 is ideal for controlling air conditioning in cool mode. If controlling your A/C in heat mode is important to you, we would recommend using the 4000+ with an auxiliary PIR sensor that can be positioned away from the A/C head unit. 

Function Controls & Settings

After the occupant has left the room, Ecosense will continue to scan the room for a pre –set time – 15,30 or 45 mins before sending the signal to turn off the A/C.

Once Ecosense has copied the infra red (IR) signal from the A/C remote controller, by pressing the ‘test’ button, you can test the unit to ensure the IR signal has been copied correctly.

Should you not require Ecosense to control your A/C during the hours of darkness there are 2 night setting options.
Comfort Plus – allows the A/C to continue operating for one hour after darkness has been detected, after which time Ecosense 4000 will switch off the A/C.
Night Setting – Ecosense 4000 will go to sleep and not interfere with the operation of the A/C during the hours of darkness.

If at any time you wish to clear settings, there is a clear memory function to allow the unit to revert to factory default.

In order to operate the function buttons, it is necessary to first enter a secure access code.


Helping Save Mother Nature

We plan on helping Costa Rica reach the goal of running 100% on renewables buy reducing energy consumption.

Save up to 80%

By reducing not only when, but also how your A/C is used, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% without affecting the comfort levels of the user.

No Wasted Electricity

When you or your renters leave the home to go to the beach or shopping you never have to worry about the air conditioner running.

Night Settings

Should you not require Ecosense to control your A/C during the hours of darkness there are 2 night setting options.