Ecosense 4000+

Ecosense 4000+

  • Reduces energy costs by up to 80%
  • Universally compatible with all remotely controlled air conditioning units
  • Mains powered (110- 230 V)
  • Multiple setting options
  • Key coded for secure access
  • Tamper proof infrared connectivity
  • Includes 1 x door / window sensor
  • RF communication with additional optional accessories


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Ecosense 4000 + is universally compatible with any A/C that can be operated by remote controller. This model is mains powered like the Ecosense 4000 and can be fitted directly adjacent to your A/C unit, therefore no connecting cables will be visible. Ecosense copies the ‘Off’ signal from the A/C remote controller, therefore ensuring the A/C goes through its correct shut down procedure.

Ecosense 4000 + contains 2.4G RF communication with a number of wireless optional accessories such as door/window (D/W) sensors, auxiliary PIR detectors and Intelligent Eye (IE).Where the D/W sensors have been fitted, should a door or window be left open Ecosense will switch off the A/C. Ecosense 4000+ is supplied with one D/W sensor, more may be required dependant on room. Ecosense also scans a room for occupancy using Passive Infrared technology (PIR). After all doors and windows have been closed, Ecosense will send the ‘Off’ signal to the A/C unit if no one is detected in the room.




  • A maximum of 8 D/W sensors can be paired with 1 Ecosense 4000+ unit
  • Maximum operating range within direct line of sight is 20 metres
  • Battery life calculates to approx. 30 open / close actions per day for 3 years



Ecosense 4000+ has a 100° field of vision and will detect movement up to a distance of approx. 7 metres. With this in mind the Aux PIR monitors areas of a room which are not covered by the Ecosense 4000+, such as an ‘L’ shaped room.

  • Only 1 additional Aux PIR can be paired with Ecosense 4000+
  • It is recommended that if Ecosense 4000+ is to be used to control the A/C in heat mode, then an Aux PIR is used with the Ecosense 4000+ PIR switched off.
  • Battery life is equivalent to 50 detected movements per day for approx.. 3 years.
Helping Save Mother Nature

We plan on helping Costa Rica reach the goal of running 100% on renewables buy reducing energy consumption.

Save up to 80%

By reducing not only when, but also how your A/C is used, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% without affecting the comfort levels of the user.

No Wasted Electricity

When you or your renters leave the home to go to the beach or shopping you never have to worry about the air conditioner running.

Night Settings

Should you not require Ecosense to control your A/C during the hours of darkness there are 2 night setting options.