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No need to cool the air when there’s no-one there!

Ecosense specializes in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving air conditioning controllers, for both commercial and domestic application.  By reducing not only when, but also how your A/C is used, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% without affecting the comfort levels of the user.  Compatible with all existing mini split air conditioners and most central air systems.

Our experience has been most of our vacation rental clients check in for their weeks stay and set the AC to 17 or the minimum allowed. They continue with their vacation, go on tours, the beach or whatever and the AC is in use when no one is there, wasting, massive electricity and AC lifespans. We can help with our smart AC remote controls.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Global Warming, spiralling energy costs, or just the unnecessary strain on equipment, are all valid reasons for ensuring that the AC facilities you provide for your clients or employees are controlled. As our company motto states, "There's no need to cool air if there's nobody there".

Save up to 80% on Electricity Bills

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Ecosense uses Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology to scan the room for occupancy. PIR will only detect body heat and will not therefore be affected by items such as ceiling fans, curtains etc. When no movement is detected it will send a signal to the air conditioning (A/C) unit to switch it off. Ecosense also has a comfort night sensor, enabling the A/C to be used, if required, throughout hours of darkness. Optional sensors to monitor doors and windows so you don’t AC the outdoors. 


Replace your existing remote with a smart remote that prevents rental clients/employees from accessing low temperatures. We recommend a minimum setting of 21 degrees Celcius (70 Fahrenheit)

Ecosense at a Glance

Stop the Abuse

Ecosense has many applications and now successfully controls the abuse of air conditioning within the holiday rental industry, hotels, offices,schools,surgeries and retail units.

Help us Help the Planet

You will be helping Costa Rica become carbon neutral and run 100% on renewable energy. We have had very positive feedback from guests and owners that appreciate the green movement. We work very well with solar systems to help maximize savings by reducing initial solar power setup costs.

We Know From Experience

Eco Sense was launched after personal experiences within the holiday rental air conditioning industry. The industry has shown up to 80 percent of air conditioning provided to clients was wasted on keeping empty rooms cool. Ecosense are providers of air conditioning sensors, that helps you save money on aircon and stopping air-conditioning abuse to rentals. Eco Sense are the leaders in air conditioning sensor technology and have been supplying sensors all over the world since 2008.

Zero Interest

Get up to 12 months interest-free from BAC. Also, ask about our in house financing options.